Arkham Paranormal Society

Case# 003 - Tragedy in Jennings Vermont


A bizarre tragedy has struck the quiet little town of Jennings Vermont, recently host to unexplained wildfires and now the scene of a freak blizzard. It swung down so violently from Mt. Strafton that none in the hamlet survived. The event was discovered days after taking place when members from Miskatonic U. traveled to Jennings searching for a missing research team that had been investigating the afore mentioned fires. The official tally on souls lost is at 54 so far and feared much higher as police and workmen dig the town out from under 20 feet of snow. Still unexplained is how such a storm developed in an isolated area during the midst of summer heat. Jennings and the surrounding environs are gripped in a cold snap that has yet to yield and frosted Mt. Strafton looks down upon the frozen tomb of the little community.

And Arkham Paranormal society has lost three more members:

Reginald Wellington (Mother!?) Deceased
Molly Coupland (To the last… get the story) Deceased
Samuel (Cold-hearted hotshot) – Deceased

Adventures in the Dreamlands
Aloft in the Audient Void


They are dreaming…
Walking among the cats of Ulthar, they have found their way into the deeper realms of mans dream lands:

Dr. Philip Monet (Seeker of the strangest truths) DECEASED
Dr. Daniel Laws (Walker in the mists)
Henry Spencer (Upon paths that lead to everywhere)

Case# 002 - The Edge of Darkness

Nine players showed up! Running the game with a crowd that big was a bit daunting and confusing at times and the action was slow to build but once things got rolling… well it exploded. Sadly the investigators failed to send the “thing” back from whence it came. Not only that but now they must explain a dead Sheriff and why they have his car, a dead farmers wife and a dead hobo as well as the death of a prominent Arkham psychologist. There are five in the party that are temporarily insane (some choice ailments too!) and it was all for naught.

In the end they decided that throwing dynamite into the house at the beast nipping their heels would destroy him. Nope. but it destroyed the wards that had kept him confined!

Hail freedom!

Dr. Oswalt Latrell (Psychologist) – DECEASED
Dr. Daniel Laws (Antrhopologist) – Unstable
Scott Williams (Pilot) – Unstable
Elizabeth Borden (Investigator) – Alive
Tom Connors (Author) – Alive
Henry Spencer (Archeologist) – Alive
Sam Anderson (Stuntman) – Unstable
Jim Taylor (Student of Astronomy) – Unstable
Aaron Ramsey (Retired Pilot) – Unstable

Two of the investigators developed deviant eating disorders, one grew hungry for the flesh of the zombie he was fighting and so yes in this game… a human actually bit a zombie. The other one, well that was the downfall. It is unwise to reach into the middle of a banishing circle and pluck out the burning candles. Even if for some reason the burning tapers suddenly look tasty. With one move the spell was broken and the entity was released.

Case# 001 Hunting of the Corbitt House and The Chapel of Contemplation

CEc2g3e4PzpBewu1CgW2_1082056894.jpegThis was the first investigation the Society took part in, and unfortunately for the budding organization, it was a very costly one indeed. The members of APS were adept at uncovering clues however when putting that information to use they learned quickly that a determined and evil spirit is not to be trifled with.

Perhaps in some cases patience is a virtue? Running straight in, eschewing the group will NOT keep you alive… then again this is Cthulhu, the group likely won’t keep you alive either!

Karen Flavin (brave but foolish flapper) – DECEASED
Albert Fisher (gazer upon stars) – DECEASED
Tracy Hewitt (reporter at large) – MISSING
Dr. Henry Spenser (digger in the earth) – temporarily insane
Dr. Philip Monet (seeker of strange truths) – worse for the wear
Dr. Daniel Laws (keeper of the tome) – lucky beyond his knowing

Such costs they paid for their curiosity but now as a prize they own a somewhat moldered copy of the Liber Ivonis and some of the journals of the late(?) Walter Corbitt. What new secrets do they hold and what adventures await our stalwart survivors?


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